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Let’s celebrate the update of “Whatstxt” 😉

v2.0 of whatstxt comes with wonderful features.

1. Account System: Now you can create your account and enjoy the experience of customizing your profile.

2. immediately actions: converting files, deleting them, editing your profile, and more and more … are now happening without any need to load the page, everything runs smoothly.

3. you can send a chat to your friend immediately without needing to send him the original file and then he converts it,
just press “send” icon and write his username and he will receive a notification on his profile as well as his email and can read it very easy

4. of course responsive with mobile devices

5. All chats are highly secured by many functions, they will be encrypted after conversion, and they are saved on the server as encrypted files, it won’t be decrypted until you press “Open” icon read it, and it will be automatically encrypted again

6. discover the rest yourself hahaha…

Visit whatstxt now:

and sign up and tell us about your experience

*Note: we are working on the update of the mobile app version*


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